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Production Plants

Four plants are available to us for the production of our frozen products:

At the plant in Bremerhaven, our largest location and the headquarters of FRoSTA AG, frozen fish products have been produced since 1962. Fruits and vegetable were added later and in the 80s, we began with the production of frozen ready meals.

Our plant in Rheintal is close to Worms. Surrounded by vegetable and spice fields, these operations are specialized in the processing of freshly harvested, spinach, cauliflower and a large assortment of spices. In addition, our backing facilities which are used for producing different pastry dishes are also located here.

Our third plant location in Elbtal, is also located in one of the best vegetable harvesting areas in German, Lommatzscher Pflege which is close to Meißen (Saxony).

The  Bydgoszcz plant in Poland was acquired by FRoSTA AG in 1999. Primarily, frozen fish and ready meals are produced here for the eastern European market.

In order to gain long term access to Bio vegetable resources in Germany, FRoSTA AG obtained substantial interest in the Bio-Frost Westhof GmbH in Wöhrden in December 2007. We are committing ourselves to a long term engagement in the Bio sector.