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Timing is critically important in the harvesting of spinach: in order to keep the delicate spinach plants from being harvested even a minute too soon, FRoSTA controls the harvesting onsite using cell phone communication between the farmer and the factory so that the spinach can be processed immediately after the harvest. The time between the spinach is harvested and frozen does usually not even take a full two hours.

Vegetable Agriculture and Processing in Rheintal

The plant in Rheintal is located in the vicinity of Worms which has belonged to the FRoSTA AG since 1986 with an initial interest of 60 % which was increased to 100 % in 1998.

Rheintal is considered to be one of the warmest regions in Germany and in being so is especially well suited for growing vegetables. The season begins in April with the spinach harvest and is followed by a multitude of herbs like parsley, dill, chives and basil. In fall, green and red cabbage, cauliflower, Savoy cabbage and leeks are harvested.

High standards for quality and hygiene are confirmed by many certificates like those for the DIN ISO 9001, BRC, IFS and not lastly for the legal requirements as stipulated by the EU-regulation on organic agriculture.

The current proportion of organically grown vegetables for the Rheintal facilities is 20 % with an increasing tendency. Here we work together with different organic farming associations like Bioland and Gäa.

The number of employees is 140 from which 6 are trainees. During harvest, up to 50 seasonal harvest workers are employed in addition.