Hero : FRoSTA AG ePapers English

We have published our latest annual reports and our first sustainability report only in digital form as an ePaper (an interactive document you can browse through). All these reports are, however, also available as downloadable PDF files so they can be printed out when required. Here you will find all of our publications.

FRoSTA AG Annual Report 2017

Here you can find the AG annual financial statements, management reports, our consolidated balance sheet and a brief presentation of our new products introduced in 2017.

FRoSTA AG 2016 Sustainability Report

Our first sustainability report! Here you can find out which sustainability topics are vital to us, what we have achieved already and what goals we have set ourselves for the future.

FRoSTA AG 2016 Annual Report

Here you will find the AG annual accounts, management reports, our consolidated balance sheet and an introduction to our new products for 2016. Here are all the important key figures for you to look through.

FRoSTA AG 2015 Annual Report

Our first digital annual report. Since we had not yet published a sustainability report in 2015 you will also find an overview of sustainability topics in the first section. Enjoy reading the report!