Production Plants

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Four plants are available to us for the production of our frozen products:

Branches of FRoSTA AG: All addresses and contact details.


In Bremerhaven, our largest location and the headquarters of FRoSTA AG, frozen fish products have been produced since 1962. Fruits and vegetable were added later and in the 1980s, we began with the production of frozen ready meals. Since 1998 we are also producing our own pasta in Bremerhaven. 

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Our largest location

In Bremerhaven an exceptionally large assortment of products is produced with a focus on the area of frozen fish products and ready meals. Our high standards for quality and hygiene are confirmed by numerous certificates like the DIN  ISO 50001,  BRC, IFS and the  EU certificate for organic agriculture. Furthermore, this production site is MSC and RSPO certified.

Our fish products include fish fingers, hardy fish filet dishes (Schlemmerfilets), battered fish, and fish specialties with various sauces. In addition, the plant in Bremerhaven is specialized in the production of frozen food dishes. Furthermore, our production lines include the production of  fresh frozen noodles which is an important ingredient in many of our dishes.

In order to fulfill the requirements of the FRoSTA Purity Command, our production facilities were adapted in 2003. For example, in abstaining from the use of salt that contains separating agents (anti-caking), we developed our own salt mill to prepare clumped-up salt before it can be used in production. 

Including our apprentices, around 700 people from more than 20 different nations are working at our Bremerhaven production facilities.


The  Bydgoszcz plant in Poland belongs to FRoSTA AG since 1999. Primarily, frozen fish and ready meals are produced here for many European markets.

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Our Facility in Poland

In Bydgoszcz we are producing mostly fish and vegetable products.   

Substantial investments were made in 2016 and 2017. We built a new production hall and enlarged our warehouses and facilities. In this new factory we will launch a modern production line to produce a wide range of innovative fish products with sauces and vegetables. These investments will increase the production capacity of Bydgoszcz by 50%

We are currently employing 590  people at our facility  in Bydgoszcz.The plant has the following certificates:  ISO 5000  BRC, IFS, MSC and RSPO.


Our third plant location in Elbtal, is located in one of the best vegetable growing areas in German, the “Lommatzscher Pflege”, which is close to Meißen (Saxony).

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Vegetable Agriculture and Processing  in the “Lommatzscher Pflege”

The Lommatzsch plant has belonged to the FRoSTA AG since 1990. It lies in the heart of the Lommatzscher Pflege which is one of the best and most traditional areas for vegetable agriculture in Germany and is close to Meißen (Saxony). The season begins in April with the spinach harvest which usually lasts 8 weeks. This is followed by peas starting in June and green beans and carrots starting in August.

The high standards for quality and hygiene are confirmed by numerous certificates like  BRC, IFS and  the organic production certificate EEC No. 2092/91.  15% of the vegetables grown and processed  in Elbtal is organic. We work together with different organic farming associations like Bioland and Gäa.

The number of employees is 160 from which 11 are trainees. During harvest, up to 50 seasonal harvest workers are employed in addition.


Our Bobenheim-Roxheim plant is close to Worms and due to its climate this area is also knows as the  “German Toscany”. Surrounded by vegetable and herb fields, our plant is specialized in the processing of freshly harvested, spinach, cauliflower and a large assortment of herbs, all grown outdoors.  In addition, our baking facilities which are used for producing different pastry dishes are also located here.

Seitenbild: FRoSTA Standort Rheintal

Vegetable Agriculture and Processing in Rheintal

The plant in Bobenheim-Roxheim is located in the vicinity of Worms which has belonged to the FRoSTA AG since 1986 with an initial interest of 60 % which was increased to 100 % in 1998. The Rheintal is considered to be one of the warmest regions in Germany and in being so is especially well suited for growing vegetables. The season begins in April with the spinach harvest and is followed by a multitude of herbs like parsley, dill, chives and basil. In fall, green and red cabbage, cauliflower, Savoy cabbage and leeks are harvested.

High standards for quality and hygiene are confirmed by many certificates including DIN  ISO 50001, BRC, IFS, MSC, RSPO and the  EU organic certificate.  The percentage of organically grown vegetables  is 20 % with an increasing tendency. Here we work together with different organic farming associations like Bioland and Gäa.

The number of employees is 140 from which 6 are trainees. During harvest, up to 50 seasonal harvest workers are employed in addition.

Our Quality Policy

Our quality management system is based on the requirements of DIN ISO 50001 standards, FRoSTA AG statute and respective legal regulations. Our system is documented in our Quality handbook.

To execute our quality policy we employ the following means:

  • All binding regulations are strictly observed
  • Risk management focusing on customer safety, as well as on health and safety of our partners; to exclude the risk, means of control and prevention have been implemented.
  • We organise trainings to support vocational development and improvement in qualifications of our employees/students.
  • We establish objectives to improve processes in our plants; while striving to reach those objectives, we assess the effectiveness and influence of implemented solutions.

In all FRoSTA plants the same organizational principles are valid. Organizational charts define reporting lines for individual employees at all levels. Clearly defined “categories of achievements” govern the areas of responsibility within which every employee can make decisions at their own responsibility. Quality procedures and work instructions ensure the employee’s confidence during the execution of his/her responsibilities.

Our employees are requested to verify regularly whether our quality procedures and work instructions comply with the actual level of our technology and organisation, whether they are adequate to satisfy the everyday work requirements or whether they need to be revised.

To maintain, monitor and improve the quality-oriented FRoSTA organization, Quality Representatives are assigned by our Board for a each plant. Monitoring of changes and process dynamics are realised through the quality objectives and through planned and systematically evaluated internal audits.

By using the quality management manuals and strictly adhering to the corporate objectives and quality system procedures included in them all employees are obliged to ensure that these objectives are achieved and that the quality of all products and services by FRoSTA AG meets customers requirements and expectations.