Hero: Sourcing / Lieferanten

Our purchasing department has the demanding task to buy only  the freshest fish, the most delicious vegetables and the tenderest meats. Furthermore, our suppliers must fulfill many standards and be prepared for visits from our inspectors at all times. Find out more about our purchasing policies and what it takes to become a FRoSTA supplier.

Good Products Start with Good Ingredients

We expects the highest level of quality and hygiene consciousness from our suppliers regardless of size and sales volume. In this matter, it does not only depend our suppliers  team members internalizing this consciousness but most of all that they consistently practice this on a daily basis. An essential prerequisite for a co-operation with FRoSTA AG is the systematic implementation of a Quality and Hygiene Management System in accordance with an acknowledged set of rules like the DIN ISO 50001, IFS and BRC.

Top Produce Wanted!

The following overview contains produce, other ingredients and packaging materials that we purchase regularly.

  • alaska pollock
  • salmon
  • cod
  • hake
  • ocean perch
  • pangasius
  • tilapia
  • shrimp
  • rasberries
  • strawberries
  • peas
  • carrots
  • cauliflower
  • beans
  • onions
  • leeks
  • corn
  • Brussels sprouts
  • bell peppers
  • broccoli
  • tomatoes
  • rice
  • pasta
  • bread crumbs
  • oils
  • fats
  • spices
  • grains
  • poultry
  • pig
  • beef
  • Foldable boxes
  • packaging materials for automatic sealing machinery
  • profiled paper cartons
  • serving tray packages
  • auxiliary packaging material

Ethical and Social Norms – Code of Conduct for FRoSTA Suppliers

The FRoSTA Code of Conduct is based on the conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI).)

No form of forced labour shall be tolerated. The above refers also to prisoners and convicts (The Convention ILO* 29 and 105, ETI requirement 1)). Employees shall not be forced to pay deposits nor to pass their identity cards to an employer. Work is undertaken on a voluntary basis. (more details and possible exceptions to the general rule can be found in *International Labour Organisation, ** Ethical Trading Initiative)

Employees of FRoSTA suppliers cannot be discriminated in any form as for their sex, race, ethnic background, religion, political views or any other personal features (more details and possible exceptions to the general rule can be found in ILO 100 and 111, ETI requirement 7).

FRoSTA shall not accept any form of employment of children. Minimal age of persons employed has to meet local legal regulations and under no circumstances shall be lower than 15 years (ILO 138). If a child thus defined has to leave its place of work, it shall be guaranteed a financial support and trainings (more details and possible exceptions to the general rule can be found in ETI requirement 4).

We univocally accept the right of all employees to establish labour unions, to access them and to carry collective disputes. Representatives of employees cannot be discriminated and shall have full access to all work stands required for accomplishing of their representative function (ILO 135 and Instruction No 143). Employersshall generally have an open and positive attitude towards the activities of labour unions (more details and possible exceptions to the general rule can be found in ETI requirement 2).

Remuneration shall be paid punctually and regularly. Their value must be adequate to accomplished work. Remunerations and other benefits for a standard labour week have to correspond to at least statutory and branch specific minimal remuneration levels, and not only cover basic needs of employees and their families, but also secure disposable income. Before commencing of work employees shall be informed in writing and in an easy to understand manner about the level of remuneration and the details regarding the manner of payment for a given period of work. Deductions from the remuneration for disciplinary reasons are not acceptable. Without an explicit consent of an employee it is not allowed to make any deductions not foreseen by law (more details and possible exceptions to the general rule can be found in ETI requirement 5).

Working hours have to be adjusted to statutory standards and branch specificity. At least one free day per week (per 7 days) shall be guaranteed. Overtime work shall be carried on a voluntary basis and shall not exceed 12 hours per week, nor shall it be carried on a regular basis, and the remuneration for overtime shall be calculated based on a higher rate.

Safe and hygienic working conditions shall be guaranteed at the place of work. „Best practices” on the accomplishment of work. One shall take care of one’s safety and health. FRoSTA shall not tolerate any form of psychical, intelectual, sexual and any other form of harassment.

Present Ethical Code contains only minimal requirements. For this reason FRoSTA does not allow for treating these requirements and cinditions as maximal requirements and cinditions.

FRoSTA suppliers and their contractors have to meet statutory regulations of the country they work in. In case of discrepancies between local regulations and the present Ethical Code the regulations guaranteeing the highest possibe protection and safety of employees shall prevail. It cannot be utilized as a form of a substitude for collective disputes.

Regular relations regarding employment shall be created. Specific employment contracts aimed at avoiding or circumventing of the obligations towards employees resulting from legal decrees on labour, social insurance or employment conditions cannot be drawn up. Aprentices cannot be employed if an employer actually has no intention of passing specific qualifications or assuring regular employment. Young employees shall be given an opportunity of acquiring vocational education (more details and possible exceptions to the general rule can be found in ETI requirement 3 and 9).

Standards and processes regarding waste handling, use of chemicals and other hazardous materials, as well as their utilization, emission to air and waste disposal have to meet or exceed minimal requirements.

FRoSTA reserves the right of carrying unannounced inspections at any time. The inspections can be carried also by independent third party.

Non-observance of the principles of the Ethical Code might result in the termination of trade relationship.


In accordance with the FRoSTA AG guidelines, the acceptance and proposition of gifts and other types of contributions with which suppliers may attempt to pursue or converse their business relationship is unwanted and prohibited.

Noncompliance with these principles can lead to the termination of all business relationships with the FRoSTA AG.