Becoming a FRoSTA Supplier

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In addition to the agreements of the purchase contracts, the product specifications also form the basis for purchasing. Therein descriptions for the requirements of our commodities are contained in regard to physical, microbiological, chemical and legal aspects. German food legislation will be in effect regardless of the origins for all commodities.

Purchasing of Fish Commodities

The only commodities that come into consideration are those which are either sea frozen on the fishing vessel or those  that are immediately frozen on land in processing plants that are in the direct vicinity of the fishing area. Support for sustainable fisheries is an inherent part of our company activities.

Purchasing of Vegetables and Fruits

When purchasing fruit and vegetable commodities we have two main goals: The safety of the product and the supply guarantee. We are securing our main supply  through purchasing contracts.

Purchasing of Meat Commodities

It is a matter of course for us that we procure meat commodities that we need worldwide from EU certified companies only. In this way, we can guarantee that the required strict hygiene standards are constantly being controlled by official medical veterinarians. Only meat commodities which stem from acknowledged brand programs will be used for the FRoSTA Brand.

Purchasing of Ingredients for FRoSTA Brand Products

The FRoSTA “Purity Command” applies to all FRoSTA brand products. It stipulates that not only our own production must completely refrain from the use of additives, but also that all of the ingredients that we purchase must be free of additives and technical auxiliary materials as well. For example, we only purchase fresh cream without stabilizers like Carrageen and only pure salt without separating agents or iodine.

How do I become a FRoSTA supplier?

1. Submit Supplier Application

2. Await Reply from Purchasing

3. Submit a Quotation

4. Make a Sample Delivery

5. Audit by Purchasing/QM

6. Test Purchase

7. Admittance as Supplier

Important Documents for Suppliers

Supplier Questionnaire

Download Supplier Information / Questionnaire Form as PDF

Conditions of Purchase

Download General Terms and Conditions of Purchase as PDF

Code of Conduct

Download Code of Conduct for FRoSTA Suppliers as PDF

Those interested in becoming a FRoSTA supplier can fill in the Supplier Information Form and return it to Hicran Cokluk ( For more questions please use our contact form.